University of California San Francisco
Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

New Patient Orientation

The New Patient Orientation Presentation includes information for the incoming patient and their support team to help navigate around the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

Available in several languages, it includes practical tips such as directions and parking as well as more complex issues like communicating effectively with your provider.

Orientation in English

View in English

New Patient and Caregiver Orientation

Orientation in Spanish

View in Spanish

Bienvenida y orientación para los nuevos pacientes y cuidadores

Orientation in Filipino

View in Filipino

Oryentasyon para sa mga Bagong Pasyente at mga Tagapag-Alaga

Orientation in Mandarin

View in Mandarin

新病人及護理者 指引 (國語)

Orientation in Cantonese

View in Cantonese

新病人及護理者 指引 (廣東話)

Orientation in Korean

View in Korean

새로운 환자와 보호자를 위한 오리엔테이션

Orientation in Vietnamese

View in Vietnamese

Thông Tin cho Bệnh Nhân & Người Chăm Sóc