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Feb 2019.

Intramural Awards

Latest RAP Awardees

RAP Awardees - Fall 2018

  • Elliot Stieglitz, MD
    "Defining the Role of Tumor Heterogeneity in Therapeutic Resistance in Pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)"
  • Mekhail Anwar, MD, PhD
    "Intraoperative Imaging of Microscopic Residual Tumor Cells and Lymph Node Involvement Using an Ultra-Thin Molecular Imaging Skin"
  • Robert Flavell, MD, PhD
    "Improved risk stratification in localized prostate cancer using hyperpolarized 13C pH imaging"
  • Jyu-Lin Chen, RN, PhD, FAAN
    "Smartphone-Based Cancer and Obesity Prevention Program For Chinese Women: SCOPP–Chinese Women"
  • Peder Larson, PhD
    "Hyperpolarized 13C Metabolic Imaging for Preclinical Detection of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy"
  • Benjamin Chaffee, DDS, MPH, PhD
    "Sweetened Beverage Prices, Marketing Receptivity, and Behaviors in Rural California"
  • Catherine Smith, MD
    "High-Throughput Single Cell Sequencing to Resolve Tumor Heterogeneity"
  • Lawrence Fong, MD
    "Peripheral blood immune cell profiling of cholangiocarcinoma patients undergoing immunotherapy with GM-CSF and pembrolizumab"
  • Grace Lin, MD
    "Passport to Health: Improving decision support to encourage individualized cancer screening decisions for older adults"

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About the RAP Awards

The Resource Allocation Program (RAP) is a campus-wide program whose aim is to coordinate intramural research funding opportunities for the UCSF community. Through RAP, the Cancer Center and other UCSF agencies provide seed funding to encourage clinical investigators, especially those at the beginning of their career, to initiate promising projects that may enable them to compete successfully for national research grants. Targeted areas are innovative pilot and phase I/II studies and other projects in clinical, health policy, health services, and psychosocial and behavioral research.

American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society Awardees - 2018

  • Collin Blakely, MD, PhD
    "Defining molecular determinants of response to the MEK inhibitor trametinib in NF1-mutant NSCLC"
  • Stephen Floor, PhD
    "Oncogenic reprogramming of protein translation by DDX3 inactivation"
  • Benjamin Huang, MD
    "Response and resistance to bromodomain inhibition in acute myeloid leukemia"
  • Amit Sabnis, MD
    "Defining the biologic basis of targetable protein chaperone addiction in rhabdomyosarcoma"

About the ACS Individual Research Awards

This program is to make seed funding available to encourage junior investigators to initiate promising new projects in cancer-related research that may enable them to compete successfully for national research grants. Targeted are projects in basic, clinical, health policy, health services, psychosocial and behavioral, epidemiologic, and control research that seek to answer fundamental questions about the development and nature of cancer; have direct application to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer; relate to health policy or delivery of cancer care; investigate the psychosocial and behavioral impact of cancer; or study the circumstances under which cancer occurs in populations. Learn more.

Give Breast Cancer the Boot

Give Breast Cancer the Boot - 2018

  • Sourav Bandyopadhyay, PhD
    Targeting Aurora kinases enhances efficacy and durability of ER+ breast cancer directed therapies
  • Jeffrey Belkora, PhD
    Patient Support Corps at the UCSF Breast Care Center
  • A. Jo Chien, MD
    A pilot program for young women with breast cancer at the UCSF Breast Care Center
  • Elly Cohen, PhD
    Clinical Trial Matching Tools to Streamline Evaluation of Metastatic Patients at the UCSF Breast Cancer Center
  • Jean-Philippe Coppe, PhD
    Mapping the Druggable Vulnerabilities of BRCA-Mutated Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
  • Jennifer Engstrom
    Food for Life
  • Laura Esserman, MD, MBA
    Taste for the Cure: A Taste of Science
  • Danica Fujimori, PhD
    Small Molecule Degraders of an Epigenetic Eraser Protein as a Potential Novel Approach to Treat Breast Cancer with EMSY Amplification
  • Andrei Goga, MD, PhD
    Identification of Novel Mitotic Therapeutic Targets for TNBC
  • Catherine Mitsuoka, RN
    Cashmere Foundation Spa Program (previously Spa Infusion Program)
  • Hope Rugo, MD
    Bay Area Breast Cancer Forum
  • Lamorna Swigart, PhD
    Breast Science Advocacy Core Training and Education
  • Barry Tong, MS
    Window of Opportunity to Guide Breast Cancer Treatment by Genetic, Genomic and Early Response Assessment

About Give Breast Cancer the Boot:

In 2008, Jessica Galloway and Nancy Bechtle, along with a group of volunteers, several of them breast cancer survivors, created an event to raise money and build awareness for UCSF’s Breast Care Center. Events were held in 2008, 2011, 2014, 2016, and 2018. 

Give Breast Cancer the Boot (GBCTB) funds were made available through an RFA to members of the UCSF community to support breast cancer research or patient support services. Any UCSF faculty or staff members was eligible, provided that the proposed project was research based and/or provided specific benefit to patients being treated for breast cancer. 

Updated February 2019