Breast Oncology Program

The Breast Oncology Program (BOP) is comprised of 34 Program Members from 14 different UCSF departments.

The Program supports and stimulates basic, clinical, and population research in breast cancer and facilitates the translation of these findings into improved cancer management and control.

The Program's themes are as follows:

  1. Epidemiology and etiology
  2. Cancer prevention, risk models, and early detection
  3. Genetics and biology of cancer progression
  4. New therapeutic targets and approaches
  5. Outreach, clinical care delivery, and outcomes

Research in the Program is supported by eight large multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional projects that support work in one or more themes; and a multi-campus University of California Office of the President sponsored ATHENA Breast Health Network integrating clinical care and research by numerous individual investigator-initiated grants.

All of the work of the Breast Oncology Program is critically informed by a committed group of patient advocates, who participate in regular research meetings, help to establish program priorities, and undertake efforts to educate their peers about participation in clinical research studies.