About Neurologic Oncology

The Neurologic Oncology Program is a collection of 21 basic scientists, neuro-oncologists, and neurosurgeons who take a team approach to the improvement of brain cancer therapy.

The Program, which has been in existence since the inception of the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, has as its three programmatic themes: 

  • to better understand the underlying biology of brain tumors
  • to use that information to better predict disease occurrence and outcome
  • most importantly, to improve brain tumor therapy

The 17 members of the Neurologic Oncology Program are drawn from seven different UCSF departments, and represent a truly interdisciplinary team. The clinical portion of the Program has been successful developing early phase investigator initiated therapeutic studies and bringing these to the clinic for testing, with particular emphasis on SPORE related clinical trials. The broad range of publications covering population science, cell signaling, genomics, imaging, and clinical science, as well as the high percentage of intra- and inter-programmatic publications, are the result of a strategically integrated, highly interactive, diverse, and productive Program that continues to make significant progress in reaching its stated goals.