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The following resources were produced by Art for Recovery at UCSF.

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AFR The Patient as Teacher

The Patient as Teacher: Lessons from the Bedside

Learn from other patients' experiences on topics such as:

"I wish I had known..."
"What would you like to say to your doctor?"
"What does hope look like?"

AFR Portable Artist Coloring Book

The Portable Artist Coloring Book

Staff, patients, and volunteers at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center created the images in this book. We decided to design familiar, inviting pictures, not intense ones. We wanted you to be able to finish a page in a few hours and feel a sense of pride, rather than presenting you with complex images that might take days to complete. We wanted you to be excited about moving on to the next page. 

AFR Prompts for Reflection

Prompts for Reflection

This workbook is a collaboration between the SMS Notes Project and Art for Recovery. It will give you an opportunity to express your deepest feelings through "prompts" or suggestions. These suggestions are meant to give a voice to your feelings, t take your mind off your illness, to share your hopes and dreams, anger and pain.

Bedside Manners, Art for Recovery, UCSF

Bedside Manners:  What to say and what not to say when someone is ill

Patients and caregivers share what well-meaning friends and strangers have said to them. Their responses are heartfelt, truthful and poignant.
What do you say when you don’t know what to say? Read this book!

The Firefly Project:  Conversations about what it means to be alive.

Conversations between adults coping with life-threatening illness and UCSF medical students and teens. A monthly exchange of letter excerpts that will touch you deeply.

The Art for Recovery Prompt Book

Sometimes we need words and questions to inspire us. Use this book to express your feelings based on the questions. You can respond by drawing, collage, poetry or writing.

The Portable Artist - Art for RecoveryThe Portable Artist

Do you ever wish that you could express yourself but had no idea to begin? The Portable Artist gives you beginner directions to begin writing, collage, drawing mandalas and other creative expressive activities to get you started. A great gift for someone who is ill, homebound, lonely or wants to learn how to begin using the expressive arts.


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