Jeroen Roose, PhD

Jeroen Roose, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, UCSF

Phone: (415) 476-3977 (voice)
Box 0452, UCSF
San Francisco, CA 94143-0452

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Research Summary

I obtained my PhD in The Netherlands where I investigated Wnt signaling and cancer in the lab of Dr. Hans Clevers. I subsequently studied Ras signaling in lympohcytes during my postdoc in the lab of Dr. Arthur Weiss at UCSF. Beginning in 2007, I have built my own research group as an independent investigator in the department of Anatomy at UCSF. I am currently a tenured Associate Professor, and my research group consists of a team of twelve staff members, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and Master’s students.

Our laboratory is interested in genetic lesions that lead to abnormal Ras signal transduction events and development of diseases such as autoimmunity and cancer. Active Ras communicates to many downstream targets and affects many cell biological responses. The potency of active Ras is illustrated by the fact that activating mutations in the Ras genes are among the most common genetic lesions leading to cancer.

Our goal is to understand the mechanism of activation of the small GTPase Ras by Ras exchange factors, comparing normal physiology with pathology. We collaborate with many different groups and benefit from these collaborations by tapping into computational models, biophysical approaches, structural insights, and patient samples. We combined these collaborative efforts with our own expertise in the biochemistry of Ras signal transduction, cell line approaches, and various mouse models.

There are four main directions in the lab:
1. Mechanistic understanding of Ras activation by Ras exchange factors.
2. Altered Ras-kinase signaling in autoimmune T cells.
3. Interfering with oncogenic Ras signals in leukemia.
4. Ras exchange factors in epithelial cells and carcinoma.

My lab is part of the Biomedical Science (BMS) Graduate Program, the Immunology Program, the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Stem Cell Center at UCSF. For more information on research directions, projects, and publications, please visit our website @


University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, MS, 1993, Medical Biology
University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, PhD, 1999, Immunology/Transcription
University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, Fellowship, 1997-1999, Immunology/Transcription
University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, Fellowship, 1999-2004, Immunology/Signaling

Professional Experience

  • 2004-2006
    Adjunct Instructor, Div. of Rheumatology, Dept. of Medicine, UCSF, San Francisco
  • 2006-2007
    Assistant Adjunct Professor, Div. of Rheumatology, Dept. of Medicine, UCSF, San Francisco
  • 2007-present
    Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anatomy, School of Medicine, UCSF, San Francisco

Honors & Awards

  • 2006
    Arthritis Investigator Award
  • 2006
    Howard Temin Career Development Award (K01; NCI)
  • 2008
    Kimmel Foundation Award
  • 2008
    Stewart Trust Award
  • 2008
    Arthritis Investigator Award (2-year renewal)
  • 2009
    UCSF Shared Equipment Award
  • 2009
    Physical Science - Oncology Center Award (U54; NCI)
  • 2009
    ARRA Award (K01; NCI)
  • 2011
    ACS Individual Researcher Award (UCSF)
  • 2011
    Trans Physical Science – Oncology Center Award (NIH; NCI)
  • 2011
    Pilot Physical Science – Oncology Center Award (NIH; NCI)
  • 2011
    P01 Award (NIH; NIAID)
  • 2011
    R56 Award (NIH; NIAID)
  • 2012
    Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation Award
  • 2012
    UCSF Research Allocation Program (RAP) Award
  • 2012
    UCSF PBBR/Sanofi Leap to Innovation for Therapeutics and Technology (LIFTT) Program Award
  • 2012
    Pilot Physical Science – Oncology Center Award (NIH; NCI)
  • 2013
    UCSF PBBR TMC (Technologies, Methodologies, and Cores)

Selected Publications

  • 1.Molenaar M, van de Wetering M, Oosterwegel M, Peterson-Maduro J, Godsave S, Korinek V, Roose J, Destree O, Clevers H. XTcf-3 transcription factor mediates beta-catenin-induced axis formation in Xenopus embryos. Cell. 1996 Aug 9;86(3):391-9.
  • 2.Roose J, Molenaar M, Peterson J, Hurenkamp J, Brantjes H, Moerer P, van de Wetering M, Destree O, Clevers H. The Xenopus Wnt effector XTcf-3 interacts with Groucho-related transcriptional repressors. Nature. 1998 Oct 8;395(6702):608-12.

  • 3.Roose J, Huls G, van Beest M, Moerer P, van der Horn K, Goldschmeding R, Logtenberg T, Clevers H. Synergy between tumor suppressor APC and the beta-catenin-Tcf4 target Tcf1. Science. 1999 Sep 17;285(5435):1923-6.

  • 4.Roose J, Diehn M, Tomlinson M, Lin J, Alizadeh A, Botstein D, Brown P, Weiss A. T cell Receptor-Independent Basal Signaling via Erk and Abl Kinases Suppresses RAG gene Expression. PLOS Biology. 2003 1(2):271-287.

  • 5.Roose J, Mollenauer M, Gupta V, Stone J, and Weiss A. A Diacylglycerol-Protein Kinase C-RasGRP1 Pathway Directs Ras Activation Upon Antigen Receptor Stimulation of T cells. Mol. Cell Biol. 2005 25(11);4426-41.

  • 6.Roose J, Mollenauer M, Ho M, Kurosaki T, and Weiss A. Unusual Interplay of Two Types of Ras Activators, RasGRP and SOS, Establishes Robust and Controlled Ras Activation in Lymphocytes. Mol Cell Biol. 2007 27(7):2732-45

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  • 8.Jayajit Das, Mary Ho, Julie Zikherman, Christopher Gover, Ming Yang, Arthur Weiss, Arup K. Chakraborty, and Jeroen P. Roose. Digital signaling and hysteresis characterize Ras activation in lymphoid cells. Cell. 2009 136, 337-351.

  • 9.Chakraborty AK, Das J, Zikherman J, Yang M, Govern CC, Ho M, Weiss A, and Roose J. Molecular origin and functional consequences of digital signaling and hysteresis during Ras activation in lymphocytes. Science Signaling. 2009 2, 66:pt2.

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  • 11.Andre Limnander, Philippe Depeille, Jen Liou, Michael Leitges, Tomohiro Kurosaki, Jeroen P. Roose and Arthur Weiss. Stim1, PKCŒ¥ and RasGRP Proteins Set a Threshold for Pro-Apoptotic Erk Signaling During B cell Development. Nature Immunology, 2011 May;12(5):425-33.

  • 12.Evan Markegard, Evan Trager, Chih-wen Ou Yang, Weiguo Zhang, Arthur Weiss, and Jeroen P. Roose. Basal LAT-diacylglycerol-RasGRP1 Signals in T cells Maintain TCR-alpha Gene Expression. PLoS ONE, 2011;6(9):e25540. Epub 2011 Sep 26.

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  • 17.Regulation of Ras Exchange Factors and Cellular Localization of Ras Activation by Lipid Messengers in T cells. Jesse E. Jun, Ignacio Rubio, and Jeroen Roose. Frontiers in Immunology, September 2013

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