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Patient Conference on Prostate Cancer

Mack Roach photo by Frank BalthisUCSF Prostate Cancer Patient Conference 2019
Prostate Cancer Patient Conference UCSF photo by Frank Balthis
 June Chan UCSF photo by Frank BalthisStan Rosenfield photo by Frank Balthis

Photos (top left, bottom left, bottom right): Frank Balthis 2019; (top right, center) David Schwartz 2019.

On June 8th, the HDFCCC and the California Prostate Cancer Coalition co-hosted the 2019 CPCC/UCSF Patient Conference on Prostate Cancer. A stellar faculty including Eric Small, MD; Peter Carroll, MD, MPH; Matt Cooperberg, MD, MPH; Mack Roach III, MD; Felix Feng, MD; Rahul Aggarwal, MD; June Chan, ScD; Leonard Marks, MD; Joseph Scherger, MD, MPH, Thomas Hope, MD, and many others presented during the day-long conference. To learn more about the CPCC, visit

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Presented by Eric Small, MD, Merel Nissenberg, Esq, and Stan Rosenfeld, UCSF Advocate

Prostate Cancer: The ABCs of Initial Evaluation

Presented by Peter R. Carroll, MD, MPH, Department of Urology, UCSF

Prostate Cancer Genetics 101

Presented by Felix Feng, MD, Depts. of Urology & Medicine, UCSF

Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy

Presented by David Oh, MD, Hematology/Oncology, UCSF

Demystifying Clinical Trials in Prostate Cancer

Presented by Rahul Aggarwal, MD, Genitourinary Oncologist, UCSF

The ABCs of Androgen Deprivation Therapy

Presented by Eric Small, MD, Division of Hematology/Oncology, UCSF

When You Need More Information

Presented by Peter Carroll, MD, MPH, Matt Cooperberg, MD, MPH, Felix Feng, MD and Tom Hope, MD

Prostate Cancer: Evaluation and Management of "Low Risk" Disease

Presented by Peter R. Carroll, MD, MPH, and Leonard Marks, MD

Intermediate and "High Risk" Prostate Cancer

Presented by Matt Cooperberg, MD, MPH, Mack Roach, MD, Eric Small, MD and James Yu, MD

Working with Your Primary Care Physician

Presented by Joseph Scherger, MD, MPH, Family Medicine, USC

Management of Bone Metastases and Bone Health in Patients with Prostate Cancer

Presented by Rahul Aggarwal, MD, Genitourinary Oncologist, UCSF

Systemic Therapies for the Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Presented by Eric Small, MD and Rahul Aggarwal, MD, UCSF

Diet and Exercise: Living with Prostate Cancer

Presented by June M. Chan, ScD, Department of Urology, UCSF

Managing the Side Effects of Prostate Cancer and Its Treatment

Presented by Stan Rosenfeld, UCSF Advocate, Alan Shindel, MD, Michael Rabow, MD, and Nannette Perez, NP

Access to Care and Optimizing Care Received From Community Physicians

Presented by Merel Nissenberg, Esq, Thomas Kirk, Brad Ekstrand, MD, and David Lowther, MD

Approach to Decision Making

Presented by Stan Rosenfeld, UCSF Advocate, Tia Weinberg, Joe Ferrara, Richard Ridington, and Walt Trask