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How UC spends the summer months

August 14, 2019 source:

Identical twins, 35, get near-identical breast cancer diagnoses just weeks apart

August 7, 2019 source: Good Morning America

Identical mirror twins get nearly identical breast cancer diagnoses within weeks of each other

August 6, 2019 source: ABC7 News

Summer Skin Cancer Alert

August 6, 2019 source:

Adil Daud, MD, on PA Live!

July 31, 2019 source: PA Live

UC Health's five medical centers ranked among the best in California and the nation

July 30, 2019 source:

Childhood Cancer Burden Much Bigger Than Previously Recognized

July 29, 2019 source:

Use of CT scans during pregnancy increased in U.S. and Canada over 2 decades

July 24, 2019 source: Kaiser Permanente

Immune Cells Put Into Gear by Molecular "Clutch"

July 23, 2019 source:

4 Ways Precision Medicine Impacts Cancer Treatment

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