Social Media at HDFCCC

Are you attending a conference and want to follow the conversation on Twitter? 

We are using the recent AACR19 conference as an example on how you might watch and participate on Twitter during a scientific conference:

7 Top Tips for live-tweeting conferences
  • Did you know?
    • You don't have to have a Twitter account to see what's being posted.
      You can follow the Twitter conversations online without having an active Twitter account
    • If you have a Twitter account but don't use it, your account may still be tagged by participants.
  • If you don't have a twitter account
  • Know how to participate
    • Read the policies on live-tweeting at this specific conference (see AACR Social Media Policies for example). Common policies include:
      • No posting of any photos takes during oral or poster sessions
      • Follow requester's wishes on tweeting about data
    • Follow the conference hashtag (#AACR19) or (#ASCO19) to see what conversations are taking place
    • Include the hashtag in your tweet (and don't forget to add @UCSFCancer so we know to retweet you!)


Need further convincing?

Why A New Study Says Scientists Should Use Twitter [Forbes, 11/14/18]


"The punchline is that when a scientist had more than 1000 followers they exponentially increase their reach and broaden the spread of what is perceived to be credible scientific information. The authors argue that scientists should spend time investing in developing a social media presence."