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Bakar Precision Cancer Medicine Building

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Bakar Precision Cancer Medicine Building
1825 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

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Wondering what cancer clinics and services are moving into the UCSF Bakar Precision Cancer Medicine Building? Download the move-in schedule.



The UCSF Bakar Precision Cancer Medicine Building sets a new standard for cancer care and research in the Bay Area. By bringing together researchers, clinicians and supportive care in one building, we are revolutionizing cancer care and providing patients with the latest, most personalized treatments—including immunotherapy, molecular profiling of tumors, and genetic counseling—more rapidly than ever before. Coupled with supportive programs such as dietary consultations, symptom management, and complementary medicine, UCSF delivers an ideal model of care for individuals with cancer.

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The UCSF Bakar Precision Cancer Medicine Building, filled with natural light and art, was designed to be a cheerful and soothing place for patients.


Photos: Noah Berger, 2019


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