Funding Opportunities

Limited Submission Opportunities

(Applications through UCSF Limited Submission Program)

  • Internal deadline: March 6, 2024 at noon
     V Foundation Translational Cancer Research Grant
    Adult cancer research that moves a novel strategy from the laboratory into a human clinical trial or uses specimens from a clinical trial to develop biomarkers or mechanisms.The research should apply in some direct way to human beings within the time frame of less than 3 years from the end of the grant.
  • Internal deadline: March 13, 2024
    UCSF Society of Hellman Fellows Program

    This program aims to provide short-term support for outstanding faculty at the assistant professor level whose work shows originality and promise of distinction, and to assist promising early career faculty who face challenges in advancing their work to the level of career development and eventual independence.

Intramural Funding Opportunities

For questions about intramural awards, please contact Meredith Donnelly.

Foundations/Other Sources

  • LOI Deadline: Mar 18, 2024
    Global Health Research Seed Funding Grant

    A grant will be awarded to provide funds to develop exciting investigator-initiated concepts focused on global health research, which will hopefully lead to successful longer term project funding from the NIH or equivalent funding sources. [Contact: [email protected]]
  • Deadline: Apr 18, 2024
    Gateway for Cancer Research Grant Opportunities

    Gateway for Cancer Research funds early phase investigator-initiated oncology trials focusing on: new investigational therapies, new indications, de-escalation of treatment, mitigation of treatment toxicity, predictive biomarkers (with a therapeutic component), and integrative medicine within the overall research areas of Biomarkers (prognostic or predictive with supportive treatment), Gene Therapy, Basket Trials, Immunotherapy, and Targeted Therapies. [UCSF contact for questions: [email protected]]
  • Deadline: May 13, 2024
    Robert A. Winn Diversity in Clinical Trials Career Development Award (Winn CDA) for Early-Stage Investigator Physicians

    Winn CDA is a 2-year program designed to support the career development of early-stage investigator physicians who are underrepresented in medicine (URiM) or who have a demonstrated commitment to increasing diversity in clinical research. (Cancer Center members may reach out to Robbie Díaz at [email protected] to request support with their applications.)
  • Deadline: May 15, 2024
    Laboratory for Genomics Research (LGR) Innovation Award
    The Laboratory for Genomics Research (LGR) Innovation Awards program aims to support early-stage technology development projects that could mature into future UC-LGR collaborative projects. Innovation Awards are one-year research grants to support labs at the UCSF and UC Berkeley campuses with an interest in developing highly innovative ideas into early proofs of concept across the field of functional genomics and CRISPR/Cas-based tool development. The goal for these awards is to support the development of novel platform technologies, disease-related model systems, and the application of these to functional genomics screens. The award is open to Faculty or faculty-equivalent status with primary appointments at UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley.