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Latest Episode: Lung Cancer Mutations and Treatment Advances

October, 2021.  Lung cancer, the most common cancer type with the highest mortality, can largely be categorized by the genetic mutations that cause it. By targeting the specific genetic mutation behind a patient’s cancer, targeted therapies have enabled increasing numbers of patients to experience fewer toxic side effects and, often, live free of disease following their treatment. KRAS mutations, which are found in about one-quarter of solid tumors are the leading cause of lung cancer driving the growth of about 25,000 new lung cancers each year. However, in spite of being discovered four decades ago, they were deemed ‘undruggable’, until earlier this year when FDA approved the first targeted therapy for lung cancer caused due to the KRAS mutation. Dr. Kevan Shokat and Dr. Trever Bivona on lung cancer mutations, new treatments, trials and more. Lung cancer patient advocates Terri Conneran and Lisa Goldman joins the panel to bring in the patient perspectives.

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