University of California San Francisco
Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Grant Writing Support

Resources for the UCSF Cancer Research community, including current and potential members, lab staff, students, fellows, and more.

HDFCCC Administration can support individual grant applications in a variety of ways.

Grant-writing support is available on a first-come, first-served basis and dependent upon staff availability and priority status.
Priority Given To:
  • Junior faculty submitting their first independent application (e.g., first R01)
  • Collaborative grants (multiple investigators and/or multiple HDFCCC programs)
  • Grants in direct alignment with HDFCCC Strategic Initiatives
  • Grants in direct alignment with Research Program themes
  • Grants that use HDFCCC Shared Resources
  • Members in good standing meeting membership criteria and fulfilling member responsibilities
  • Grants that are a direct result of HDFCCC-awarded intramural (pilot) funding
  • Students, fellows, and other trainees
Apply for Grant Writing Support
Types of Support and Latest Request Date:
  • Consultation (ASAP)
  • Concept and strategic planning (ASAP, one year is not too soon)
  • Interpret internal and external requirements (three months prior to sponsor deadline)
  • Identification of collaborators and resources (three months prior to sponsor deadline)
  • Budget recommendations and justifications (two months prior to sponsor deadline)
  • Writing non-scientific components (two months prior to sponsor deadline)
  • Editing (any time in the process, allow two weeks)
  • Full red team review (peer or external) (two months prior to sponsor deadline; review will take place at least three weeks prior to sponsor deadline, allow one week)
  • Visit the Research Administration Page for template language, letters of support, or other research administration support.

The HDFCCC does not take the place of RMS, GBC, the RDO, or your home department, although we will help you navigate your relationship with them. We partner with the PI to provide scientific and editorial support, and to ensure adherence to HDFCCC standards and priority areas.
Therefore, we do not:
  • Develop or enforce submission timelines or checklists (although we will adhere to pre-award timelines and not accept documents that are late at any time in the process – you must build us into your timeline)
  • Serve in a project management capacity
  • Prepare budgets (we can make recommendations and edit justifications but will not crunch numbers)
  • Interact with the sponsor (we can make recommendations but will not be the main contact)
  • Request letters of support (unless from Dr. Alan Ashworth)
  • Solicit biosketches or other supplemental documents
  • Perform institutional review or guarantee compliance
  • Perform last-minute review of application packets
  • Submit applications (PI’s departmental pre-award team will submit)


Please contact Erin Bank,, with any questions, or apply online