Provocative Questions

We are soliciting Provocative Questions to support research in alignment with our Strategic Plan.

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Definition of Provocative Questions (reference NCI PQs) 

  • Link one or more level of the Translational Framework  
  • Link one or more level of the Cancer Continuum (e.g., blue arrows in cycle figure)
  • Address one or more HDFCCC Research Priority 
  • Research questions around which an RFA could be defined that would assemble a specific team, require specific resources 
  • Requires multi-disciplinary, transdisciplinary team 
  • Hypothesis-driven 
  • High-risk, high-reward 
  • Promote thinking outside the box 
  • Can only be done at UCSF 
  • Would require HDFCCC to develop the necessary tactics to allow question to be answered 
  • Tied to catchment area 
  • Involves the HDFCCC in the process of precision drug discovery 
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