University of California San Francisco
Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Site Committee Chairs and Administrators

For each site, committee chair(s) are followed by administrators, when available.

Chair: John Park, MD, 502-3844, Box 1710
Co-Chair: Laura Esserman, MD, 885-7691, Box 1710
Administrator: Ivy Wong, 353-7873, Box 1710

Cancer Immunotherapy Program (CIP)
Chair: Peter Sayre, MD, 353-4423, Box 1213
Co-Chair: Lawrence Fong, MD, 514-3160, Box 1270
Co-Chair: Terence Friedlander, MD, 514-6830, Box 1711
Administrator: Andrew Chon, 476-2351, Box 0519

Cutaneous Oncology
Chair: Katy Tsai, MD, 502-5483, Box 1770
Co-Chair: Adil Daud, MD, 353-7392, Box 1770
Co-Chair: Sarah Arron, MD, 353-7839, Box 0316
Co-Chair: Iwei Yeh, MD, 353-7989, Box 1790
Administrator: Michael Wong, 514-6714, Box 1297

Experimental Therapeutics Program (ETP)
Chair: Pamela Munster, MD, 353-7287, Box 1770
Co-Chair: Mark Moasser, MD, 353-7070, Box 0875
Co-Chair: Mallika Dhawan, MD, 885-5972, Box 1770
Administrator: Phu Lam, 514-6363, Box 1297

Gastrointestinal (includes Anal Dysplasia)
Chair: Emily Bergsland, MD, 353-7065, Box 1705
Co-Chair: Katie Kelley, MD, 353-7065, Box 1770
Administrator: Jennifer Luan, 514-6220, Box 0981

Genitourinary (includes Prostate)
Chair: Rahul Aggarwal, MD, 476-4616, Box 1711
Co-Chair: Eric Small, MD, 353-7095, Box 1711
Administrator: Kaleas Johnson, 502-5051, Box 0981

Gynecologic Oncology
Chair: Lee-may Chen, MD, 885-7204, Box 1702
Co-Chair: Karen Smith-McCune, MD, PhD, 476-7882, Box 1718
Co-Chair: Edwin Alvarez, MD, 885-7561, Box 1702
Administrator: Katherine Bigay, 514-6725, Box 0981

Hematopoietic (Adult)
Chair: Thomas Martin, MD, 353-9365, Box 0324
Co-Chair: Babis Andreadis, MD, 353-8363, Box 0324
Co-Chair: Lloyd Damon, MD, 353-2421, Box 0324
Administrator: Erika Cavallone, 476-4765, Box 1270

Molecular Imaging & Radionuclide Therapy
Chair: Thomas Hope, MD, 221-4810 ext. 22648 
Co-Chair: Miguel Hernandez Pampaloni, MD, 514-5681
Co-Chair: Rahul Aggarwal, MD, 476-4616, Box 1711
Administrator: Katherine (I-Wei) Wu, 353-9437

Chair: Nicholas Butowski, MD, 353-7500, Box 0372
Co-Chair: Jennifer Clarke, MD, 353-2382, Box 0372
Co-Chair: Jennie Taylor, MD, 353-2383, Box 0372
Administrators: Jane Rabbitt, 353-2652, Box 0372 | Laura Sit, 353-2382, Box 0372

Oral, Head & Neck (includes Endocrine)
Chair: Alain Algazi, MD, 353-7552, Box 1770
Co-Chair:  Sue Yom, MD, 353-9893, Box 1708
Administrator: Carter Hultman, 502-4707, Box 0875

Pediatric Oncology/Pediatric Leukemia
Chair: Annu Banerjee, MD, 353-2880, Box 0372
Co-Chair: Robert Goldsby, MD, 476-3831, Box 0106
Co-chair: Amit Sabnis, MD, 476-3831, Box 0434
AdministratorDebbie de Lara, 476-2218, Box 0434

Radiation Oncology
Chair: Mary Feng, MD, 502-7222, Box 4001
Co-Chair: Mekhail Anwar, MD, 514-3629, Box 1708
Administrator: Ghezal Rashid, 476-8099, Box 0981

Supportive Care
 Chris Miaskowski, RN, PhD, FAAN, 476-9407, Box 0610

Thoracic (includes Other)
Chair: Collin Blakely, MD, 502-3641, Box 2140
Co-Chair: Thierry Jahan, MD, 885-3792, Box 1705
Co-Chair: Matthew Gubens, MD, 353-9674, Box 1705
Administrator: Mayra Gonzalez, 353-7912, Box 1297

Additional Resources

A searchable database of core facilities at all UCSF campus locations, provided by the Clinical and Translational Science Institute at UCSF, is available here.

This unit is supported by a National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA082103). Any publications related to work done by this core should reference grant number P30CA082103 and must include a PMCID as required by the NIH. View instructions on how to acknowledge funding sources and how to obtain a PMCID.

For general inquiries about Cancer Center Shared Resources, please email Charissa Suantawee. For technical inquiries, please email Benjamin Braun, MD, PhD.

For more information on the CCSG, please email Erin Bank, PhD.