Research Funding

  • June 1, 2023 - March 31, 2027 - Elucidating the structural insights into the BMP receptor , Co-Principle Investigator . Sponsor: NHLBI, Sponsor Award ID: R01HL164581
  • May 1, 2021 - January 31, 2025 - Molecular pathogenesis of pulmonary arterial hypertension , Principal Investigator . Sponsor: NIH, Sponsor Award ID: R01HL153915
  • July 1, 2018 - December 31, 2023 - Role of DNA damage in Pulmonary Artery Hypertension , Principle Investigator . Sponsor: TRDRP, Sponsor Award ID: 587294
  • June 1, 2016 - March 31, 2021 - Identification of a novel modulator of Pulmonary Artery Hypertension , Principal Investigator . Sponsor: NIH, Sponsor Award ID: R01HL132058


Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo, Japan, B.A., 03/1988, Pharmacy
University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, M.S., 03/1990, Biochemistry
Rockefeller University, NY, Ph.D., 06/1995, Cell Biology

Selected Publications

  1. Prabhakar A, Hu S, Tang J, Ghatpande P, Lagna G, Jiang X, Hata A. Essential role of the amino-terminal region of Drosha for the Microprocessor function. iScience. 2023 Oct 20; 26(10):107971.  View on PubMed
  2. Hanke T, Mathea S, Woortman J, Salah E, Berger BT, Tumber A, Kashima R, Hata A, Kuster B, Müller S, Knapp S. Development and Characterization of Type I, Type II, and Type III LIM-Kinase Chemical Probes. J Med Chem. 2022 10 13; 65(19):13264-13287.  View on PubMed
  3. Bisserier M, Katz MG, Bueno-Beti C, Brojakowska A, Zhang S, Gubara S, Kohlbrenner E, Fazal S, Fargnoli A, Dorfmuller P, Humbert M, Hata A, Goukassian DA, Sassi Y, Hadri L. Combination Therapy with STAT3 Inhibitor Enhances SERCA2a-Induced BMPR2 Expression and Inhibits Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Int J Mol Sci. 2021 Aug 24; 22(17).  View on PubMed
  4. Agnew C, Ayaz P, Kashima R, Loving HS, Ghatpande P, Kung JE, Underbakke ES, Shan Y, Shaw DE, Hata A, Jura N. Structural basis for ALK2/BMPR2 receptor complex signaling through kinase domain oligomerization. Nat Commun. 2021 08 16; 12(1):4950.  View on PubMed
  5. Hata A, Lagna G. How do you mend inactive tumor suppressor mutants? You glue them! Cell Chem Biol. 2021 05 20; 28(5):585-587.  View on PubMed
  6. Hata A, Lagna G. How do you mend inactive tumor suppressor mutants? You glue them! Cell Chem Biol. 2021 05 20; 28(5):585-587.  View on PubMed
  7. Jiang X, Prabhakar A, Van der Voorn SM, Ghatpande P, Celona B, Venkataramanan S, Calviello L, Lin C, Wang W, Black BL, Floor SN, Lagna G, Hata A. Control of ribosomal protein synthesis by the Microprocessor complex. Sci Signal. 2021 02 23; 14(671).  View on PubMed
  8. Oda Y, Nguyen T, Hata A, Meyer MB, Pike JW, Bikle DD. Deletion of Mediator 1 suppresses TGFβ signaling leading to changes in epidermal lineages and regeneration. PLoS One. 2020; 15(8):e0238076.  View on PubMed
  9. Hata A, Lagna G. Deregulation of Drosha in the pathogenesis of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia. Curr Opin Hematol. 2019 05; 26(3):161-169.  View on PubMed
  10. Vattulainen-Collanus S, Southwood M, Yang XD, Moore S, Ghatpande P, Morrell NW, Lagna G, Hata A. Bone morphogenetic protein signaling is required for RAD51-mediated maintenance of genome integrity in vascular endothelial cells. Commun Biol. 2018; 1:149.  View on PubMed
  11. Kameny RJ, He Y, Zhu T, Gong W, Raff GW, Chapin CJ, Datar SA, Boehme JT, Hata A, Fineman JR. Analysis of the microRNA signature driving adaptive right ventricular hypertrophy in an ovine model of congenital heart disease. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2018 10 01; 315(4):H847-H854.  View on PubMed
  12. Jiang X, Wooderchak-Donahue WL, McDonald J, Ghatpande P, Baalbaki M, Sandoval M, Hart D, Clay H, Coughlin S, Lagna G, Bayrak-Toydemir P, Hata A. Inactivating mutations in Drosha mediate vascular abnormalities similar to hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia. Sci Signal. 2018 01 16; 11(513).  View on PubMed
  13. Kashima R, Hata A. The role of TGF-β superfamily signaling in neurological disorders. Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai). 2018 Jan 01; 50(1):106-120.  View on PubMed
  14. Caruso P, Dunmore BJ, Schlosser K, Schoors S, Dos Santos C, Perez-Iratxeta C, Lavoie JR, Zhang H, Long L, Flockton AR, Frid MG, Upton PD, D'Alessandro A, Hadinnapola C, Kiskin FN, Taha M, Hurst LA, Ormiston ML, Hata A, Stenmark KR, Carmeliet P, Stewart DJ, Morrell NW. Identification of MicroRNA-124 as a Major Regulator of Enhanced Endothelial Cell Glycolysis in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension via PTBP1 (Polypyrimidine Tract Binding Protein) and Pyruvate Kinase M2. Circulation. 2017 Dec 19; 136(25):2451-2467.  View on PubMed
  15. Jiang X, Hawkins JS, Lee J, Lizama CO, Bos FL, Zape JP, Ghatpande P, Peng Y, Louie J, Lagna G, Zovein AC, Hata A. Let-7 microRNA-dependent control of leukotriene signaling regulates the transition of hematopoietic niche in mice. Nat Commun. 2017 07 25; 8(1):128.  View on PubMed
  16. Kashima R, Redmond PL, Ghatpande P, Roy S, Kornberg TB, Hanke T, Knapp S, Lagna G, Hata A. Hyperactive locomotion in a Drosophila model is a functional readout for the synaptic abnormalities underlying fragile X syndrome. Sci Signal. 2017 May 02; 10(477).  View on PubMed
  17. Celona B, Dollen JV, Vatsavayai SC, Kashima R, Johnson JR, Tang AA, Hata A, Miller BL, Huang EJ, Krogan NJ, Seeley WW, Black BL. Suppression of C9orf72 RNA repeat-induced neurotoxicity by the ALS-associated RNA-binding protein Zfp106. Elife. 2017 01 10; 6.  View on PubMed
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  20. Kang H, Hata A. Quantitative Real-Time PCR Analysis of MicroRNAs and Their Precursors Regulated by TGF-β Signaling. Methods Mol Biol. 2016; 1344:313-23.  View on PubMed

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