Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, BSE, 06/2012, Chemical & Biological Engineering  University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA, PhD, 10/2017, Genome Sciences   

Honors & Awards

  • 2018-2023 UCSF Sandler Faculty Fellowship 
  • 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 Healthcare 
  • 2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention 
  • 2014–2016 NIH/NHGRI Genome Training Grant 
  • 2008 Intel Science Talent Search Competition Semi-finalist 
  • 2008 Siemens-Westinghouse Competition Semi-finalist 


Selected Publications

  1. Srivatsan SR, McFaline-Figueroa JL, Ramani V, Saunders L, Cao J, Packer, J, Pliner HA, Jackson DL, Daza RM, Christiansen L, Zhang F, Steemers F, Shendure J, Trapnell C. Massively multiplex chemical transcriptomics at single-cell resolution. Science. 2019 Dec 5. 
  2. Bertero A, Fields PA, Ramani V, Bonora G, Yardimci GG, Reinecke H, Pabon L, Noble WS, Shendure J, Murry CE. Dynamics of genome reorganization during human cardiogenesis reveal an RBM20-dependent splicing factory. Nature Communications.  2019 04 Apr. PMC6449405 
  3. Ramani V#, Qiu R, Shendure J#. High-resolution analysis of chromatin structure by MNase-SSP. Cell Reports 2019 Feb 26. PMC6582983 
  4. Cao J, Cusanovich DA*, Ramani V*, Aghamirzaie D, Pliner HA, Hill AJ, Daza RM, McFaline-Figueroa JL, Packer JS, Christiansen L, Steemers FJ, Adey AC, Trapnell C, Shendure J. Joint profiling of chromatin accessibility and gene expression in thousands of single cells. Science. 2018 Aug 30. PMC6571013 
  5. Bonora G, Deng X, Fang H, Ramani V, Qiu R, Berletch JB, Filippova GN, Duan Z, Shendure J, Noble WS, Disteche CM. Orientation-dependent Dxz4 contacts shape the 3D structure of the inactive X chromosome. Nature Communications. 2018 13 Apr. PMC5899087 
  6. Cao J, Packer J, Ramani V*, Cusanovich DA*, Huynh C, Daza R, Qiu X, Lee C, Furlan SN, Steemers FJ, Adey A, Waterston RH, Trapnell C, Shendure J. Comprehensive single cell transcriptional profiling of a multicellular organism. Science. 2017 Aug 18. PMC5894354 
  7. Ramani V, Deng X, Qiu R, Gunderson KL, Steemers FJ, Disteche CM, Noble WS, Duan Z, Shendure J. Massively multiplex single-cell Hi-C. Nature Methods. 2017 Mar; 14(3): 263-266. PMC5330809 
  8. Ramani V, Cusanovich DA, Hause RJ, Ma W, Qiu R, Deng X, Blau CA, Disteche CM, Noble WS, Shendure J, Duan Z. Mapping three-dimensional genome architecture through in situ DNase Hi-C. Nature Protocols. 2016 Nov; 11(11): 2104-21. PMC5547819 
  9. Ramani V, Qiu R, Shendure J. High-throughput determination of RNA structure by proximity ligation. Nature Biotechnology. 2015 Sep; 33(9): 980-4. PMC4564351  
  10. Deng X, Ma W, Ramani V, Hill A, Yang F, Ay F, Berletch JB, Blau CA, Shendure J, Duan Z, Noble WS, Disteche CM. Bipartite structure of the inactive X chromosome. Genome Biology. 2015 05 Aug. PMC4539712   >see all publications

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