Research Funding

  • May 1, 2016 - April 30, 2026 - Regulation by post-translation modifications in response to stress , Principal Investigator . Sponsor: NIH, Sponsor Award ID: R35GM118104
  • April 1, 2015 - March 31, 2018 - Identifying the targets of oncogenic/tumor-suppressive F box proteins , Principal Investigator . Sponsor: NIH, Sponsor Award ID: R21CA187685
  • August 1, 1999 - August 31, 2017 - Regulation and Targets of the DNA Damage Checkpoint , Principal Investigator . Sponsor: NIH, Sponsor Award ID: R01GM059691
  • June 1, 2004 - April 30, 2017 - Cell cycle regulation by ubiquitin ligases , Principal Investigator . Sponsor: NIH, Sponsor Award ID: R01GM070539


State University of New York/Buffalo, B.S., 1987, Biology
Yale University, M.Phil., 1990, Biophysics & Biochem
Yale University, Ph.D., 1992, Biophysics & Biochem

Honors & Awards

  • 1993-1996
    Jane Coffin Childs Fellow
  • 2003-2009
    Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Scholar
  • 2004-present
    NIH NDT, CSRS and MGB study sections, permanent member
  • 2009
    Keynote address, NIH Cell Cycle meeting
  • 2011
    Herbert Boyer Faculty Award in Graduate Education
  • 2012-2016
    Ellison Senior Scholar in Aging
  • 2014
    Multiple Myeloma Senior Research Award
  • 2016
    SUNY Buffalo Distinguished Alumni Lecture
  • 2016
    R35 Established Investigator (MIRA) Award

Selected Publications

  1. Hundley FV, Toczyski DP. Chemical-genetic CRISPR-Cas9 screens in human cells using a pathway-specific library. STAR Protoc. 2021 09 17; 2(3):100685.  View on PubMed
  2. Hundley FV, Sanvisens Delgado N, Marin HC, Carr KL, Tian R, Toczyski DP. A comprehensive phenotypic CRISPR-Cas9 screen of the ubiquitin pathway uncovers roles of ubiquitin ligases in mitosis. Mol Cell. 2021 03 18; 81(6):1319-1336.e9.  View on PubMed
  3. Biggins S, Hartwell L, Toczyski D. Fifty years of cycling. Mol Biol Cell. 2020 12 15; 31(26):2868-2870.  View on PubMed
  4. Alme EB, Toczyski DP. Redundant targeting of Isr1 by two CDKs in mitotic cells. Curr Genet. 2021 Feb; 67(1):79-83.  View on PubMed
  5. Alme EB, Stevenson E, Krogan NJ, Swaney DL, Toczyski DP. The kinase Isr1 negatively regulates hexosamine biosynthesis in S. cerevisiae. PLoS Genet. 2020 06; 16(6):e1008840.  View on PubMed
  6. Sanvisens Delgado N, Toczyski DP. Mck1 kinase is a new player in the DNA damage checkpoint pathway. PLoS Genet. 2019 10; 15(10):e1008372.  View on PubMed
  7. Meza-Gutierrez F, Simsek D, Toczyski DP. A genetic approach to study polyubiquitination in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Methods Enzymol. 2019; 618:49-72.  View on PubMed
  8. Meza Gutierrez F, Simsek D, Mizrak A, Deutschbauer A, Braberg H, Johnson J, Xu J, Shales M, Nguyen M, Tamse-Kuehn R, Palm C, Steinmetz LM, Krogan NJ, Toczyski DP. Genetic analysis reveals functions of atypical polyubiquitin chains. Elife. 2018 12 14; 7.  View on PubMed
  9. Lao JP, Ulrich KM, Johnson JR, Newton BW, Vashisht AA, Wohlschlegel JA, Krogan NJ, Toczyski DP. The Yeast DNA Damage Checkpoint Kinase Rad53 Targets the Exoribonuclease, Xrn1. G3 (Bethesda). 2018 12 10; 8(12):3931-3944.  View on PubMed
  10. van Emden TS, Forn M, Forné I, Sarkadi Z, Capella M, Martín Caballero L, Fischer-Burkart S, Brönner C, Simonetta M, Toczyski D, Halic M, Imhof A, Braun S. Shelterin and subtelomeric DNA sequences control nucleosome maintenance and genome stability. EMBO Rep. 2019 01; 20(1).  View on PubMed
  11. Romero AM, Martínez-Pastor M, Du G, Solé C, Carlos M, Vergara SV, Sanvisens N, Wohlschlegel JA, Toczyski DP, Posas F, de Nadal E, Martínez-Pastor MT, Thiele DJ, Puig S. Phosphorylation and Proteasome Recognition of the mRNA-Binding Protein Cth2 Facilitates Yeast Adaptation to Iron Deficiency. mBio. 2018 09 18; 9(5).  View on PubMed
  12. Mark KG, Loveless TB, Toczyski DP. Isolation of ubiquitinated substrates by tandem affinity purification of E3 ligase-polyubiquitin-binding domain fusions (ligase traps). Nat Protoc. 2016 Feb; 11(2):291-301.  View on PubMed
  13. Meza-Gutierrez F, Hundley FV, Toczyski DP. Parallel Parkin: Cdc20 Takes a New Partner. Mol Cell. 2015 Oct 01; 60(1):3-4.  View on PubMed
  14. Mark KG, Meza-Gutierrez F, Johnson JR, Newton BW, Krogan NJ, Toczyski DP. Prb1 Protease Activity Is Required for Its Recognition by the F-Box Protein Saf1. Biochemistry. 2015 Jul 28; 54(29):4423-6.  View on PubMed
  15. Loveless TB, Topacio BR, Vashisht AA, Galaang S, Ulrich KM, Young BD, Wohlschlegel JA, Toczyski DP. DNA Damage Regulates Translation through β-TRCP Targeting of CReP. PLoS Genet. 2015 Jun; 11(6):e1005292.  View on PubMed
  16. Edenberg ER, Mark KG, Toczyski DP. Ndd1 turnover by SCF(Grr1) is inhibited by the DNA damage checkpoint in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. PLoS Genet. 2015 Apr; 11(4):e1005162.  View on PubMed
  17. Downey M, Johnson JR, Davey NE, Newton BW, Johnson TL, Galaang S, Seller CA, Krogan N, Toczyski DP. Acetylome profiling reveals overlap in the regulation of diverse processes by sirtuins, gcn5, and esa1. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2015 Jan; 14(1):162-76.  View on PubMed
  18. Edenberg ER, Downey M, Toczyski D. Polymerase stalling during replication, transcription and translation. Curr Biol. 2014 May 19; 24(10):R445-52.  View on PubMed
  19. Edenberg ER, Vashisht AA, Topacio BR, Wohlschlegel JA, Toczyski DP. Hst3 is turned over by a replication stress-responsive SCF(Cdc4) phospho-degron. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Apr 22; 111(16):5962-7.  View on PubMed
  20. Mark KG, Simonetta M, Maiolica A, Seller CA, Toczyski DP. Ubiquitin ligase trapping identifies an SCF(Saf1) pathway targeting unprocessed vacuolar/lysosomal proteins. Mol Cell. 2014 Jan 09; 53(1):148-61.  View on PubMed

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