Advancing Gender Equity at HDFCCC

Gender Equity Committee at UCSF

In 2021, the Gender Equity Committee was established at HDFCCC to promote and foster a supportive environment that advocates for the equitable advancement of women and gender minority leaders in cancer care, education, and research. The Gender Equity Committee is a sub-committee within the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Leadership Opportunity: A Workshop for Values-based Leadership Development

Date: Friday, March 3, 2023 (application deadline is January 23, 2023)
Time: 9 AM – 4 PM, with a networking cocktail reception to follow
Location: The Firehouse at Fort Mason, 2 Marina Boulevard, San Francisco

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Background: Nationally, women hold only a small portion of leadership roles in academic oncology and cancer centers. This inequity in senior leadership roles is pervasive in academic radiation oncology, medical oncology, and surgical oncology. To tackle these apparent inequities in career development, HDFCCC will offer a workshop in values-based leadership for female and gender minority faculty.

The curriculum: The curriculum for this workshop, developed by Ethos, underscores the fundamental belief that diversity and inclusion in leadership are increasingly important and crucial for the health, productivity, and success of any organization. The proposed curriculum is based upon the assumptions that: (1) Diverse cultural perspectives can inspire creativity and drive innovation; and (2) Inclusion not only entails embracing employees’ intersectionality, and experience, but also creating space for their authentic selves, and hence their personal values.

Our objective: We aim to empower faculty to become authentic leaders who are self-aware and genuine, mission-driven and focused on results, lead with their hearts and minds, and focus on the long-term. These qualities of leadership foster collegiality, higher levels of trust, greater productivity, and catalyze a more positive working environment. The specific focus of the curriculum will be to empower participants through identification of their true values and how to utilize these values as a compass bearing to charter a course for a purposeful life and career. The long-term goal is to improve our institutional pipeline for diversity in leadership.

Eligibility: We welcome all female and gender minority faculty who are full or associate members of HDFCCC to participate. Faculty must be affiliated with HDFCCC as either an Associate Member or Full Member. Faculty will be selected to represent a diversity of cancer-related specialties. Priority will be assigned to faculty at the Assistant or Associate Professor levels. Given the cross-sectionality of issues related to race and gender in career advancement, attention will also be paid towards recruitment of faculty from groups who are under-represented in medicine.

To apply to become a Cancer Center member, visit

To apply: Please provide a brief statement (500 words or less) of how you hope to benefit from leadership training and how this might help you advance towards your professional goals. The deadline to apply is January 20, 2023.

Funding source: The Chancellor’s Fund for Faculty Learning and Development


  • CARE Advocate: The CARE advocate provides free and confidential services and explanation of each reporting option in details. This can be your first stop to discuss any issue confidentially, and they can support you to decide any next steps.  Contact: 415.502.8802 
  • Office of the Ombuds: This office can provide survivors with confidential information, including other resources. They can provide counseling and mediate difficult conversations. They are not mandatory reporters.  Contact: 415.502.9600 

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  • Mandated reporters - managers, supervisors and certain employees, such as deans, faculty advisors, teaching assistants and resident advisors are required to report to the Title IX officer.
  • Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination (OPHD): UCSF’s Title IX Office.
    • This is where you file complaints relating to sexual harassment and sexual violence and harassment and discrimination based on other protected categories, including age, disability, gender, national origin, race, sexual orientation, etc.
    • Staffed by experts who will respond within a few days of receiving the complaint
    • If you submit a complaint as a mandatory reporter, you may not be notified of the outcome. 
    • Reports submitted to OPHD are kept as confidential as possible; however, a respondent has the right to know the identity of the complainant whenever a matter proceeds to a formal investigation. 
    • Encourage erring on the side of reporting, as complaints are logged and numerous reports of seemingly innocuous behavior may reveal a pattern of behavior that cumulatively results in a policy violation. 

Process for UCSF residents/fellows to report harassment or mistreatment:

  1. Go to the UCSF GME website.
  2. Click on “Well-Being and Mental Health Resources for Residents and Fellows” in the right sidebar
  3. Click the “Safe reporting” link in the right sidebar.
  • You can report an incident either anonymously or with contact information.
  • The form to report the incident is easy to use and the only required question is a description of what happened.
  • All reports are screened by GME staff, then (per the website) triaged to a faculty member unrelated to the submitting resident/fellow’s program for follow up.
  • Although reports can be submitted anonymously, contact information is required for follow up, which should occur within 3 business days.

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