Mount Zion - 2340 Sutter


All UCSF Locations in San Francisco must use the zip code 94143. UCSF locations outside San Francisco must use the appropriate city and zip code. Be sure to utilize the following format directions from the USPS:
John Smith
Department Name, Box XXXX
2340 Sutter St., Floor X
San Francisco, CA 94143 (or appropriate city and zip code if outside San Francisco)
There should not be any mention of UCSF’s internal box number/mail code in the last two lines of the address format. Do not use our internal box number/mail code as +4. The zip code should read “94143” only. For more detailed information please see Unified UCSF Zip Code Frequently Asked Questions.

Emergency Action Plan

Download the EAPs for 2340 Sutter (new 2016)

  • In case of an afterhours emergency event and you want to check on the condition/status of a campus building, contact one of the following:
    • Campus Emergency Hotline: 402-4000
    • Campus Back up Emergency Hotline: 1-800-873-8232
    • Facilities Management Information Line: 514-1212
  • Sign up for Warn Me, the campus emergency notification system:

Facilities Resources

Service Area Resource
Temperature Problems
Overhead Lights Out
Elevator Malfunction
Electrical or Plumbing Modifications Tank Restraints
Equipment Bracing
Wall Mounting
Anything Mechanical
Custodial Needs 
Click  Submit Service Request.  Engineers will be notified.
Or 415-476-2021 This number is answered 24/7 – please use it to report any building problem after hours (e.g. flood)


Building Access 
Ovidio Velasquez
Security Guard Desk
Campus Police
415-502-1843, [email protected]
415-476-1414 non-emergency: or 9-911
Conference Room Reservation
Email the room with the following and a reservation will be made for you: 
  • date/time 
  • name of meeting 
  • contact person name & phone number 
Telephone Problems or Changes 415-514-4100; Or My Access/ Service Now  
Glass wash & Autoclave Service Manar Ahmad, 415-514-2627
Relocations, space assignments, surplus pick up, other questions about anything Ovidio Velasquez, [email protected]
Shared Wet Lab Services (Millipore, dry ice, flaked ice, glasswash/autoclave)

Ovidio Velasquez, [email protected]

FM Customer Svc Center 415-476-2021