Research Summary

I am Professor of Medicine and Dermatology emeritus on call back at UCSF and staff Endocrinologist at SFVAMC. I continue both my clinical activities and direct a well funded laboratory investigating hormonal regulation of fracture healing and vitamin D and calcium regulation of both skin cancer and wound response.

Research Funding

  • October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2026 - BCCMA: Foundational Research to Act Upon and Resist Conditions Unfavorable to bone (FRACTURECURB): Role of abaloparatide for fracture healing , PI . Sponsor: VA, Sponsor Award ID: 1I01 BX005854
  • July 15, 2021 - June 3, 2026 - Maladaptive Plasticity in Spinal Cord Injury: Cellular Mechanisms , PI of subcontract . Sponsor: NIH, Sponsor Award ID: R01NS122888
  • June 1, 2022 - May 31, 2026 - Biomechanical computed tomography facilitates the diagnosis of osteoporosis and fracture prediction in patients with high risk prostate cancer , PI . Sponsor: DOD, Sponsor Award ID: PC210172
  • January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2021 - Vitamin D and Calcium signaling in epidermal stem cell maintenance, activation, and function , Principal Investigator . Sponsor: NIH, Sponsor Award ID: I01BX003814


Harvard University, AB, 1961-1965
University of Pennsylvania, MD, 1965-1969
Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston, Intern, Resident, 1970-1971
University of Pennsylvania, PhD, 1971-1974, Biochemistry

Honors & Awards

  • 1962
    Harvard Honorary Scholarship
  • 1964, 1962
    National Science Foundation Summer Fellowship
  • 1962
    Henderson Memorial Prize in Biochemistry
  • 1962
    Magna Cum Laude, Harvard University
  • 1962
    Baldwin Lucke Memorial Prize
  • 1967-1962
    Medical Scientist Fellowship
  • 1962
    Alpha Omega Alpha, Honorary Medical Society
  • 1962
    Horatio C Wood Prize in Pharmacology
  • 1962
    Bordon Research Award in Medicine
  • 1962
    Spencer Morris Prize
  • 1971, 1972
    National Institutes of Health Special Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • 1982
    Fellowship, American College of Physicians
  • 1982
    American Society of Clinical Investigation
  • 1982
    Western Association of Physicians
  • 1992
    Association of American Physicians

Selected Publications

  1. Thaler R, Yoshizaki K, Nguyen T, Fukumoto S, Den Besten P, Bikle DD, Oda Y. Mediator 1 ablation induces enamel-to-hair lineage conversion in mice through enhancer dynamics. Commun Biol. 2023 07 21; 6(1):766.  View on PubMed
  2. Oda Y, Wong CT, Oh DH, Meyer MB, Pike JW, Bikle DD. Vitamin D receptor cross-talk with p63 signaling promotes epidermal cell fate. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2023 09; 232:106352.  View on PubMed
  3. Bikle DD. Vitamin D and Long Covid: Is there a role in prevention or treatment? J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2023 Jun 06.  View on PubMed
  4. Giustina A, di Filippo L, Allora A, Bikle DD, Cavestro GM, Feldman D, Latella G, Minisola S, Napoli N, Trasciatti S, Uygur M, Bilezikian JP. Vitamin D and malabsorptive gastrointestinal conditions: A bidirectional relationship? Rev Endocr Metab Disord. 2023 04; 24(2):121-138.  View on PubMed
  5. Meyer MB, Bernal-Mizrachi C, Bikle DD, Biyani M, Campbell MJ, Chaudhari SN, Christakos S, Ingles SA, Knuth MM, Lee SM, Lisse TS, Liu ES, Piec I, Plum LA, Rao SD, Reynolds CJ, Thacher TD, White JH, Cantorna MT. Highlights from the 24th workshop on vitamin D in Austin, September 2022. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2023 04; 228:106247.  View on PubMed
  6. Teng PF, Chiang JM, Schafer AL, Sukerkar PA, Keaveny TM, Bikle D. Prevalence of osteoporosis in older male veterans receiving hip-containing computed tomography scans: opportunistic use of biomechanical computed tomography analysis (BCT). Osteoporos Int. 2023 Mar; 34(3):551-561.  View on PubMed
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  11. Bikle DD. Vitamin D regulation of immune function during covid-19. Rev Endocr Metab Disord. 2022 04; 23(2):279-285.  View on PubMed
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  17. Bouillon R, Haussler M, Bikle D, Christakos S, Welsh J. Introduction: Special Issue on Vitamin D Dedicated to the Memory of Anthony W Norman. JBMR Plus. 2021 Jan; 5(1):e10445.  View on PubMed
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