Molecular Oncology Program

Program Leaders

Training and Education Liaison: Eric Collisson, MD

Community Engagement Liaison: Hani Goodarzi, PhD

The goal of the Molecular Oncology Program is to discover, develop, and translate novel preventive and therapeutic strategies and biomarkers. This is done through research that spans from basic science at the bench and computer to clinical applications and back, and by focusing on bridging the gap between scientists and clinical researchers, and from bench to start-up company to bedside.

The Molecular Oncology Program accomplishes its goal through research, education and training, and community engagement aligned under the following aims:

  • Aim 1: To study the impact of genetics on cancer susceptibility, progression, and therapeutic response
  • Aim 2: To modulate signaling pathways for therapeutic benefit
  • Aim 3: To develop tools and technologies to dissect tumor and host environment networks

Roster of Molecular Oncology Program

Total: 107 members.

For details on membership criteria, please see our membership page.