Research Summary

Hematologist with interests in leukemia, stem cell transplantation, myelodysplastic syndrome, myeloproliferative neoplasms, aplastic anemia, bone marrow failure, rare diseases, and clinical trials.


University of Kansas Medical School, Kansas City, Kansas, MD, 05/2009, Medicine
Internal Medicine Residency, Ohio State University Hospitals, Columbus, Ohio, 06/2012, Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Chief Residency, Ohio State University Hospitals, Columbus, Ohio, 06/2013, Internal Medicine
Hematology Fellowship, National Institutes of Health Clinical Research Center, Bethesda, Maryland, 06/2015, Hematology
Post-Graduate Fellowship, National Institutes of Health Clinical Research Center, Bethesda, Maryland, 06/2016, Stem Cell Transplantation
NIH-Duke Clinical Research Training Program, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, MHS, 05/2016, Clinical Research

Honors & Awards

  • 05/2004
    Phi Beta Kappa, University of Kansas
  • 05/2011
    Outstanding Resident Educator Awarded by Medical Students, OSUMC
  • 05/2011
    Clara D. Bloomfield Excellence in Hematology/Oncology Research Award, OSUMC
  • 12/2011
    Travel Award, American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting
  • 05/2012
    Chairman's Award for Scholarly Achievement by a Senior Internal Medicine Resident, OSUMC
  • 05/2012
    Sara Medwid Gorsline Memorial Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine, OSUMC
  • 05/2012
    Resident Peer Teaching Award, OSUMC
  • 09/2015
    ISCT-ASBMT Cell Therapy Training Course Scholar

Selected Publications

  1. Kennedy VE, Ruiz-Cordero R, Jangam D, Wen KW, Dunavin N, Ohgami RS, Bhargava P, Ai W, Fakhri B A Case of EBV-Negative Aggressive NK-cell Leukemia: Use of Next-Generation Sequencing in Demystifying a Diagnostic Dilemma and Guiding Clinical Care.  View on PubMed
  2. Li M, Soder R, Abhyankar S, Abdelhakim H, Braun MW, Trinidad CV, Pathak HB, Pessetto Z, Deighan C, Ganguly S, Dawn B, McGuirk J, Dunavin N, Godwin AK WJMSC-derived small extracellular vesicle enhance T cell suppression through PD-L1.  View on PubMed
  3. Soder RP, Dawn B, Weiss ML, Dunavin N, Weir S, Mitchell J, Li M, Shune L, Singh AK, Ganguly S, Morrison M, Abdelhakim H, Godwin AK, Abhyankar S, McGuirk J A Phase I Study to Evaluate Two Doses of Wharton's Jelly-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for the Treatment of De Novo High-Risk or Steroid-Refractory Acute Graft Versus Host Disease.  View on PubMed
  4. Braun MW, Abdelhakim H, Li M, Hyter S, Pessetto Z, Koestler DC, Pathak HB, Dunavin N, Godwin AK Adherent cell depletion promotes the expansion of renal cell carcinoma infiltrating T cells with optimal characteristics for adoptive transfer.  View on PubMed
  5. Dunavin N, Mau LW, Meyer CL, Divine C, Abdallah AO, Leppke S, D'Souza A, Denzen E, Saber W, Burns LJ, Ganguly S Health Care Reimbursement, Service Utilization, and Outcomes among Medicare Beneficiaries with Multiple Myeloma Receiving Autologous Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation in Inpatient and Outpatient Settings.  View on PubMed
  6. Vekaria PH, Kumar A, Subramaniam D, Dunavin N, Vallurupalli A, Schoenen F, Ganguly S, Anant S, McGuirk JP, Jensen RA, Rao R Functional cooperativity of p97 and histone deacetylase 6 in mediating DNA repair in mantle cell lymphoma cells.  View on PubMed
  7. Gao B, Lin J, Jiang Z, Yang Z, Yu H, Ding L, Yu M, Cui Q, Dunavin N, Zhang M, Li M Upregulation of chemokine CXCL10 enhances chronic pulmonary inflammation in tree shrew collagen-induced arthritis.  View on PubMed
  8. Mohyuddin GR, Clark AE, Roller J, Shune L, Lin T, Dunavin N, Dias A, Ganguly S, Abhyankar S, McGuirk J, Singh A Utility of Routine Surveillance Imaging for Hodgkin Disease following Autologous Transplant: Experiences from a Single Institution.  View on PubMed
  9. Mohyuddin GR, Clark AE, Roller J, Shune L, Lin T, Dunavin N, Dias A, Ganguly S, Abhyankar S, McGuirk J, Singh A Utility of routine surveillance imaging for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma post autologous transplant: A single center experience.  View on PubMed
  10. Dunavin N, Dias A, Li M, McGuirk J Mesenchymal Stromal Cells: What Is the Mechanism in Acute Graft-Versus-Host Disease?  View on PubMed
  11. Jain P, Klotz J, Dunavin N, Lu K, Koklanaris E, Draper D, Superata J, Chinian F, Yu Q, Keyvanfar K, Wong S, Muranski P, Barrett AJ, Ito S, Battiwalla M Cellular immune profiling after sequential clofarabine and lenalidomide for high risk myelodysplastic syndromes and acute myeloid leukemia.  View on PubMed
  12. Anandi P, Tian X, Chinian F, Cantilena CR, Dunavin N, Hensel N, Draper D, Koklanaris E, Maxwell S, Superata J, Muranski P, Battiwalla M, Paczesny S, Barrett AJ, Ito S Improved reproducibility and quality of GvHD biomarker assay: application of multiplex microfluidic channel system.  View on PubMed
  13. Zhao X, Tian X, Kajigaya S, Cantilena CR, Strickland S, Savani BN, Mohan S, Feng X, Keyvanfar K, Dunavin N, Townsley DM, Dumitriu B, Battiwalla M, Rezvani K, Young NS, Barrett AJ, Ito S Epigenetic landscape of the TERT promoter: a potential biomarker for high risk AML/MDS.  View on PubMed
  14. Anand A, Anandi P, Jain NA, Lu K, Dunavin N, Hourigan CS, Le RQ, Chokshi PD, Ito S, Stroncek DF, Sabatino M, Barrett AJ, Battiwalla M CD34+ selection and the severity of oropharyngeal mucositis in total body irradiation-based allogeneic stem cell transplantation.  View on PubMed
  15. Le RQ, Tian X, Jain NA, Lu K, Ito S, Draper DA, Anandi P, Hourigan CS, Dunavin N, John Barrett A, Battiwalla M Clinical comorbidity predictive measures in ex vivo T-cell-depleted allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.  View on PubMed
  16. Chokshi P, Anandi P, Jain N, Dunavin N, Le RQ, Ito S, Barrett J, Battiwalla M Minor ABO Incompatibility Does Not Impact Nonrelapse Mortality in T Cell-Depleted Human Leukocyte Antigen-Matched Sibling Transplantation.  View on PubMed
  17. Bond DA, Dunavin N, Otterson GA Mutational profiling of second primary lung cancers in patients who have received radiation for the treatment of Hodgkin's disease.  View on PubMed
  18. Andritsos LA, Dunavin N, Lozanski G, Jones JA, Blachly JS, Lucas DM, Byrd JC, Kraut E, Grever MR Reduced dose pentostatin for initial management of hairy cell leukemia patients who have active infection or risk of hemorrhage is safe and effective.  View on PubMed
  19. Dunavin NC, Wei L, Elder P, Phillips GS, Benson DM, Hofmeister CC, Penza S, Greenfield C, Rose KS, Rieser G, Merritt L, Ketcham J, Heerema N, Byrd JC, Devine SM, Efebera YA Early versus delayed autologous stem cell transplant in patients receiving novel therapies for multiple myeloma.  View on PubMed

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