Research Summary

I am a world-renowned pharmacologist with many years of research experience particularly focused on transporter biology and pharmacogenomics. My research is focused on influx transporters, especially influx transporters involved in drug disposition and targeting. In the early 2000s, we began a comprehensive research program focused on the pharmacogenomics of membrane transporters. We published many papers ranging from functional genomics of transporter polymorphisms to clinical studies elucidating the role of transporter polymorphisms on clinical drug response. Our NIH-funded center, the Pharmacogenomics of Membrane Transporters Center, part of the NIH Pharmacogenomics Research Network, is widely recognized as the leading research unit in the world for the discovery, functional characterization and clinical relevance of polymorphisms in drug transporters. We have been leaders in the field of human genetic studies focused on metformin with a particular emphasis on membrane transporters.

Most recently, I am a co-Director of a FDA grant to establish a Center with education, exchange, and collaborative research programs that will greatly advance the ability of the FDA to evaluate and approve safe and effective drugs. This is a collaborative program between Stanford and UCSF that will develop quantitative and computer-based methods for the evaluation of new drug products. Importantly, research will focus on issues of bioequivalence between generic drug products including metformin tablets.

Research Funding

  • April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2025 - Characterizing the physiological and pharmacological roles of SLC22A24 , Principal Investigator . Sponsor: NIH, Sponsor Award ID: R01GM139875
  • September 25, 2015 - July 31, 2024 - Discovery of Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers for OATP1B1 and OATP1B3 , Principal Investigator . Sponsor: NIH, Sponsor Award ID: R01GM117163
  • September 15, 2016 - August 31, 2023 - UCSF-Stanford Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation , Principal Investigator . Sponsor: NIH, Sponsor Award ID: U01FD005978
  • July 15, 2015 - June 30, 2020 - PGRN Administrative Coordination Hub, ACH (PGRN) , Principal Investigator . Sponsor: NIH/NIGMS, Sponsor Award ID: U24GM115370


University of Houston, Houston, TX, B.S., 1973, Pharmacy
State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, Ph.D., 1979, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Postdoc, 1979-81, Pharmacology /Clinical Pharmacology

Honors & Awards

  • 2021
    Distinguished Pharmaceutical Scientist Award, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)
  • 2020
    Inaugural President, Pharmacogenomics Global Research Network (PGRN)
  • 2020
    Bernard B. Brodie Award in Drug Metabolism and Disposition Lecture, American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET)
  • 2019
    Faculty Research Lecture Award in Translational Science, Academic Senate, UCSF
  • 2018
    Outstanding Mentor of the Year Award, American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE)
  • 2018
    Volwiler Research Achievement Award, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP)
  • 2016
    Honorary Doctorate Degree Uppsala University (UU)
  • 2011
    Scheele Award, Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS)
  • 2009
    Rawls-Palmer Progress in Medicine Award, American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT)
  • 2006
    Elected Member, National Academy of Medicine (NAM)

Selected Publications

  1. Giacomini K, Yee SW, Ferrández-Peral L, Alentorn P, Fontsere C, Ceylan M, Koleske M, Handin N, Artegoitia V, Lara G, Chien HC, Zhou X, Dainat J, Zalevsky A, Sali A, Brand C, Capra J, Artursson P, Newman J, Marques-Bonet T. Illuminating the Function of the Orphan Transporter, SLC22A10 in Humans and Other Primates. Res Sq. 2023 Sep 14.  View on PubMed
  2. Michel ME, Wen CC, Yee SW, Giacomini KM, Hamdoun A, Nicklisch SCT. TICBase: Integrated Resource for Data on Drug and Environmental Chemical Interactions with Mammalian Drug Transporters. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2023 Sep 01.  View on PubMed
  3. Wu B, Yee SW, Xiao S, Xu F, Sridhar SB, Yang M, Hochstadt S, Cabral W, Lanfear DE, Hedderson MM, Giacomini KM, Williams LK. Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Pharmacogenomic Variants Associated With Metformin Glycemic Response in African American Patients With Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes Care. 2023 Aug 28.  View on PubMed
  4. Yee SW, Ferrández-Peral L, Alentorn P, Fontsere C, Ceylan M, Koleske ML, Handin N, Artegoitia VM, Lara G, Chien HC, Zhou X, Dainat J, Zalevsky A, Sali A, Brand CM, Capra JA, Artursson P, Newman JW, Marques-Bonet T, Giacomini KM. Illuminating the Function of the Orphan Transporter, SLC22A10 in Humans and Other Primates. bioRxiv. 2023 Aug 12.  View on PubMed
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  6. Wen A, Zhu Y, Yee SW, Park BI, Giacomini KM, Greenberg AS, Newman JW. The Impacts of Slc19a3 Deletion and Intestinal SLC19A3 Insertion on Thiamine Distribution and Brain Metabolism in the Mouse. Metabolites. 2023 Jul 26; 13(8).  View on PubMed
  7. Lin TY, Mai QN, Zhang H, Wilson E, Chien HC, Yee SW, Giacomini KM, Olgin JE, Irannejad R. Cardiac contraction and relaxation are regulated by distinct subcellular cAMP pools. Nat Chem Biol. 2023 Jul 20.  View on PubMed
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  10. Vora B, Wen A, Yee SW, Trinh K, Azimi M, Green EAE, Sirota M, Greenberg AS, Newman JW, Giacomini KM. The Effect of Trimethoprim on Thiamine Absorption: A Transporter-Mediated Drug-Nutrient Interaction. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2023 08; 114(2):381-392.  View on PubMed
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