Research Summary

I am a Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Most of my research has focused on increasing rates of cancer screening, especially in diverse populations. I am also an active primary care physician who understands the real world challenges of implementing cancer-screening recommendations in primary care practice. I am currently the Principal Investigator of an R01 grant designed to determine the extent to which PreView, an interactive multimedia bilingual (English and Spanish) Video Doctor Plus Provider Alert intervention, increases the likelihood that primary care participants will receive recommended cancer screening, to develop a plan for long term maintenance of PRE-VIEW at participating study sites, and to develop a plan for broader dissemination of PRE-VIEW to new primary care clinic sites. In light of the controversies surrounding breast cancer screening for women in their forties and women aged 75 and older, we aim to expand PreView to include shared decision making about breast cancer screening in these age groups. I have previously been funded by the NCI and the American Cancer Society (ACS) to develop and test colon cancer screening interventions in diverse populations. In addition to my research experience, I frequently speak both nationally and locally on women’s health issues; most recently I presented the annual Update in Women’s Health at the Annual Meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine, and I have done this for several years. I have also spoken several times at American College of Physicians National Meeting on this topic. This expertise in women’s health issues, especially in cancer screening, makes me particularly well suited to leading the proposed study which focuses on shared decision making regarding breast cancer screening.


University of California, San Diego, B.A., 1983, Biology and Psychology
University of California, Los Angeles, M.D., 1987, Medicine
University of California, Los Angeles, M.P.H., 1987, Public Health
University of California San Francisco, 1987-1990, Residency, Internal Medicine
Veterans Affairs Medical Center, San Francisco, 1991-1993, Fellowship, General Internal Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology

Honors & Awards

  • 1979-1983
    Provost's Honor List, Revelle College
  • 1983
    Phi Beta Kappa
  • 1983
    Magna Cum Laude
  • 1985
    Lange Medical Publishers Book Award
  • 1985
    Lewis Eldridge Memorial Scholarship
  • 1986
    Hortense Fishbaugh Memorial Scholarship
  • 1987
    Honors in the Department of Medicine
  • 1987
    Hewlett-Packard Award (highest academic ranking)
  • 1987
    William N. Valentine Award in Medicine (highest distinction as a scholar in internal medicine)
  • 1987
    Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award (woman who graduates number one in her class)
  • 1987
    Stafford L. Warren Medal (outstanding academic achievement during four years)
  • 1987
    Alpha Omega Alpha
  • 1996
    UCSF/Mount Zion Department of Medicine Housestaff Teaching Award

Selected Publications

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