Exercise Classes and Counseling

two women doing yoga outdoors

Cancer Exercise Classes and Counseling

The Cancer Exercise Counseling Program at UCSF offers professional one-on-one fitness counseling to adult cancer patients and survivors. Our goal is to help them build strength and boost overall health before and after cancer treatment by coaching them on how to incorporate exercise into their lives. This could call for increasing their current level of physical activity or adjusting the ways they exercise to their current condition.

Exercise Classes

The following classes are free for all cancer patients (including non-UCSF patients) and their caregivers, as well as survivors. They are a collaboration between the UCSF Patient and Family Cancer Support Center and the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine.

Before attending one of the following classes:

  • Contact the instructor before your first class to introduce yourself and to let them know that you will be attending
  • Complete this health history and signed waiver form prior to participation.
  • Bring both forms to the first session of the program in which you are participating. If you plan to participate in more than one program, make copies of your signed forms.