Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I been referred to SMS?

Patients are referred to SMS by their primary oncologists, for treatment and counseling for both physical and emotional symptoms caused as a result of cancer. This includes treatment for pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and emotional distress.

Can I continue to see my primary doctor or oncologist while seeing the Symptom Management Team?

Yes, the SMS interdisciplinary team offers treatments that include integrated medical, psychological, social work, and spiritual approaches working hand in hand with you regular cancer care. All SMS care is coordinated along with your cancer treatments and with the support of your cancer doctor.

What should patients and caregivers do about filling prescriptions?

To refill prescriptions that cannot wait until the next scheduled doctor visit, please call (415) 885 -7671 (select option 1) at least 3 business days before the medication is gone to speak with an SMS practice coordinator about getting it replenished.

How can I help?

To contribute to the SMS program, click on the "Make A Gift" image which will allow you to make a gift or a pledge online to any UCSF school, center, department, or research program including the Symptom Management Service.

All proceeds support Symptom Management Service research and education, including child life therapy services for SMS patients’ families.