What is cBioPortal?

cBioPortal is an open-source web application that allows clinicians and researchers to visualize, explore, and analyze large cancer genomic datasets.

We have developed our own instance of this powerful tool for discovery that is only available for UCSF clinicians, researchers or other staff. The UCSF cBioPortal currently has de-identified UCSF500 cancer genomic test data as well as a few de-identified clinical data elements such as diagnosis, gender, and the anatomic site of the tumor sequenced.

In collaboration with Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute and the Clinical Cancer Genomics Laboratory at UCSF, we are launching a new version of UCSF cBioPortal in early 2021 that will enable the inclusion of de-identified clinical data from UCSF de-identified Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) in an automated fashion. De-identified CDW contains 200+ tables of de-identified data deriving from the EPIC EHR systems, including medications administered and ordered, patient encounters, and vital status. The new version of UCSF cBioPortal will also include de-identified Foundation Medicine genomic data of UCSF500 cancer patients.

How to obtain access to the UCSF cBioPortal

Only UCSF health care providers, researchers, and students can access the data in the portal; it is not available to the general community at this time.

Within MyAccess, search for ‘UCSF500’ and click on link. You must be on VPN and a terms of use must be agreed to before data access is given.

For questions about how to obtain access to the UCSF cBioPortal email [email protected].