Myocarditis in Cancer Patients Is Driven by Specific Immune Cells

In a new study, researchers from UC San Francisco and Vanderbilt University Medical Center have identified specific immune cells that drive deadly heart inflammation in a small fraction of patients treated with powerful cancer immunotherapy drugs. The researchers also identified the cells in heart

Marijuana and E-cigs Can Harm the Heart Like Traditional Cigarettes

E-cigarettes and marijuana have similar harmful effects on the heart as tobacco cigarettes, opening the door to abnormal heart rhythms, reports a team of researchers at UC San Francisco. The study is published November 15, 2022 in the journal Heart Rhythm. “We found that cigarettes, e-cigarettes

UCSF Cancer Specialist Recognized with Luminary Award for Gastrointestinal Cancers

Alan P. Venook MD, a renowned expert in colorectal and liver cancers, has been announced as one of the winners of the 2022 Luminary Awards in Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancers. Venook is being recognized for his achievements in the clinical practice and research of gastrointestinal cancers. Venook is a

“CAR Pooling” Screens Identify Most Effective Cancer Immunotherapy Cells

In recent years, genetically re-engineered immune cells – armed with molecular weaponry to recognize and destroy tumor cells – have changed the landscape of cancer treatment. Now, UC San Francisco researchers have developed a new method for comparing massive numbers of these CAR-T cells, each with

Can Gut Microbes Impact Chemotherapy? So Far, the Answer is “Yes.”

Bacteria in our guts play a significant role in how we digest what we eat, and what we eat includes oral medications we take. But the gut microbiome’s impact on drugs may be different from its impact on food because drugs are often intended to target a specific tissue or organ or process in the body

UCSF Study Sheds Light on the Reasons Behind Sex Differences in Myocarditis

In the past several years, myocarditis has been of public interest because of cases associated with vaccines for SARS-CoV2 or related conditions. Another form of myocarditis has been linked to immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) used in cancer care. ICI-induced myocarditis is a potentially fatal

Community Car Show Brings Cancer Screening Awareness to Mission Bay