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Office of Community Engagement

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Working to eliminate the inequities that lead to cancer disparities in Northern California.

Year-Round, Non-Transactional Community Engagement

Common requests:
  • Sponsorship for community cancer & health events
  • Recommend a topic or speaker for CAB2
  • Join the HDFCCC CAB or Nominate a new member

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The role of the OCE is to SUSTAIN relationships with our community partners year-round; even when there is no upcoming grant proposal that needs community engagement or an ongoing research project that requires it. We deliver programs on a quarterly basis for diverse racial/ethnic and geographic communities and provide support of activities delivered by both academic and community partners under the guidance of, and collaboration with our Community Advisory Board (CAB)

Community-Academic Partnerships for Research & Service

For community partners seeking:
  • An HDFCCC investigator or faculty member speaker for your event?
  • An academic partner for community research or education?
  • A letter of support for your grant application?
For academic partners seeking:
  • Diverse community input to inform your research?
  • Community Partners for Research Projects?
  • A letter of support for your grant application?

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Equitable community-academic partnerships produce research & service activities that are more relevant to those affected

Community-academic partnerships also increases effectiveness of health interventions by taking advantage of buy in from all the relevant stakeholders.

Cancer Information to Increase Awareness & Knowledge

Common requests:
  • HDFCCC Investigators requesting a time to present your research at CAB
  • Requesting a Community Health Educator Presentation or Collaboration
  • Requesting UCSF Cancer Center materials for distribution at your health fair or community event
  • Accessing cancer information from:
    • CAB2 Archive slides and events
    • Joining the CAB2 ChatnChew Crew