Disseminating Information

Office of Community Engagement

DISSEMINATING Cancer Information to Increase Awareness & Knowledge
To address inequities in access to up to date information and to help inform health decisions, we provide our community partners with access to information about risk factors, the latest cancer treatments and outcome in different types of cancers.


Screening Resources

Screening Resources

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Colorectal Cancer is Treatable if caught early, our awareness campaign is a reminder to get screened.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
March is Cancer Center Awareness Month

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Cards for Download - Healthy Plate

All downloaded materials can be used freely with the proviso that full acknowledgement is made to the publication (Grocery Items for Your Plate) and that the materials are not reused commercially.

Chinese language Graphic of Grocery Items for a Balanced Meal on a Plate

Graphic of Grocery Items for a Balanced Meal on a Plate





Additional Nutrition Resources at the Cancer Center

Nutrition Resources, Counseling, and Workshops (Patient and Family Cancer Support Center)

Nutrition workshops and seminars for the general public. Topics include prostate cancer and nutrition, nutrition during radiation and/or chemotherapy treatment, dietary supplements, phytonutrients, plant-based diets, and truths & myths of nutrition and cancer.

Community Health Educators/National Outreach Network