Grant Writing Resources

UCSF Cancer Even the most seasoned researchers can use help with grant writing. See below for helpful links.

CARE Program

Career Development Grant Writing Course

Open to hem/onc, rad onc and peds onc fellows. Email Jennifer Seuferer for information on eligibility and how to apply.


This is a six-week summer workshop aimed at introducing grant writing. At the end of course, fellows will have a developed and peer-reviewed career development award application. The workshop will be conducted on-line and will have a combination of live and recorded video lectures in addition to live small group workshop sessions. The timeline of the course is oriented to facilitate ASCO YIA applications due in the fall.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the elements of successful grant writing including: using clear and concise prose, engaging reviewers, highlighting your specific aims, crafting a clear analysis plan, and how the peer review process influences successful or unsuccessful applications
  • Apply successful grant writing best practices (as described above) to your grant application
  • Develop your grant ideas using faculty and peer feedback

Date (2-Hour Sessions)


6/21/24 - IN-PERSON (Mission Bay) - 10am-12pm

Session 1: Introduction to Grant Writing and Grant Writing Pearls/How to Get the Reviewer on Your Side - Breakfast provided

7/12/24 - online - 10am-12pm

Session 2: How to Write a Specific Aims Page

7/26/24 - online - 10am-12pm

Session 3: Research Strategy

8/16/24 - online - 10am-12pm

Session 4: Follow-up Research Plan Edits and Mentorship Plan/Letters of Support, patient advocate

8/23/24 - online - 10am - 12pm

Session 5: Biosketch/Personal Statement

9/6/24 - online - 10am - 12pm

Session 6: Final draft/YIA Peer Review

F grant writing workshop

F Grant Writing Workshop

Open to graduate students and postdocs. The next course will begin in October of 2024.

Course Description

This workshop meets once a month for about 2 hours, between October and March, to review the "score-driving" sections of F grant applications, create drafts, and receive reviews. At the end, participants will receive a review of their complete draft from a faculty member. Applications are now closed.

Course Content

Sessions will cover the following:

  • Course Introduction/Orientation
  • Intro to the F Grant Mechanism & Applicant's Background and Goals for Training
  • Specific Aims
  • Research Strategy
  • "Office Hours" with the Office of Sponsored Research
  • Institutional Environment and Commitment to Training & Rational for Selecting Sponsor and Institution
  • Biosketch

Participant Requirements:

  • You have chosen your research mentor
  • Your mentor agrees to review 1 complete grant draft for one of your fellow participants (review occurs in March)
  • Your mentor provides a letter/email approving your participation, agreeing to review your drafts, and agreeing to review 1 complete draft for one of your fellow participants
  • Agree to attend lectures and provide peer review for your fellow participants

Email Jennifer Seuferer for questions. 


Other Grant Writing Resources

CARE (Cancer Application REview)

Click here for more information on the CARE Program.

T32 Grant Writing Resources

Templates for the Responsible Conduct of Research, Methods in Enhancing Reproducibility and a descriptions of the training available to cancer center trainees. Email [email protected] if you would like to use one.

RDO's Training Tracking Program

CTSI T32 Grant Writing Resources

T32 Grant Proposal Library (log in to MyAccess)