Sample Facilitating Community-Academic Partnerships

Community participation in research and service delivery improves the quality of research outcomes and increasing support for the activities.

Developing collaborative processes and partnerships between HDFCCC investigators and community partners ensures that our cancer research is relevant to our Catchment Area.

What We Do

Equitable community-academic partnerships produce research & service activities that are more relevant to those affected

Community-academic partnerships also increases effectiveness of health interventions by taking advantage of buy in from all the relevant stakeholders.

Community Partners: Are you seeking...

  • An HDFCCC investigator or faculty member speaker for your event? (Request a consultation)
  • An academic partner for community research or education?   (Request a consultation)

Academic Researchers: Are you seeking...

  • Diverse community input to inform your research? (Request Assistance)
  • Community Partners for Research Projects? (Request info)
  • A letter of support for your grant application? (Request an LOS)

OCE Activities to Facilitate Community-Academic Partnerships

  • Cancer Center Program Liaisons
  • CAB2 Presentations 
  • CAB consultations for investigators. CAB members may be interested in helping you. (Request a consultation)
  • Technical support for CBPR/CEnR projects
    • Community and Investigator capacity building
    • Support for project specific community advisories
    • CTSI training for investigators