Recharge Rates

Recharge Rates for Flow Cytometry, Cell Sorting & Microscopy 2019-20

recharge rates

*Note on Instrument Time with Operator Assistance: If you require Operator Assistance for an instrument, the rate for “Instrument Operation/Training” will be added to the rate of the instrument you are reserving. For example, if you are a UCSF User requiring assistance on the FACSAria II Cell Sorter, your total cost will be (Flow Cytometry-Cell Sorting $65.76) + (Instrument Operation/Training $100.52) = $166.28.


Recharge Rates for Genome Services 2024-25

Services Units Internal Rates Affiliate Rates** External Rates*
Bioanalyzer hour $29.13 $33.50 $51.39
Nucleofector hour $43.35 $56.18 $86.18
QPCR hour $43.93 $54.40 $83.45
Nanostring GeoMx hour $199.52 $290.00 $444.84
Nanostring nCounter run $322.51 $503.05 $771.63
Technician Time hour $165.22 $221.96 $340.46
Eppendorf EP Motion run $861.30 $990.49 $1519.33
MagicPrep run $156.39 $179.85 $275.87

* includes 40% surplus revenue and 26% facilities and administration rate
** includes 15% surplus revenue


User Definitions

Internal users are funded by UCSF sources (or other UC campus sources) and provide a valid fund-DPA for payment. Co-pay may apply to HDFCCC members.

*Affiliate users are funded by non-UC sources and pay by check, but the funding is provided by a recognized UCSF affiliate (SFGH, SFVAMC, NCIRE, Gallo, Gladstone, HHMI, or LBNL).

**External users are funded by non-UC sources and pay by check.

Acknowledgement & Co-Authorship

Please include an acknowledgement any time the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center LCA and LCA-Genomic Core Facility provides services that support your research. Please reference grant number P30CA082103.

If a staff member has made a significant intellectual contribution beyond routine sample analysis, please consider co-authorship. We encourage you to follow the guidelines published by the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) for consideration of any facility staff member as an author.